Clip Zip and iTunes

I currently own a Sansa Clip + and it is an amazing little MP3 player.  I am contemplating exchanging it for the Clip Zip because in order for me to transfer songs from iTunes and have them actually work, you must change the MP4a format, which is what iTunes uses,  to the MP3 format, which is what the Clip+ can recognize.   This is very easy, but a little cumbersome if you are transferring several hundred songs.  I would like to be able to transfer songs directly from iTunes to the Sansa Music Folder. 

My question is this:  Does this MP3 player do what I just described and does it work?  Can you transfer songs from your iTunes library DIRECTLY into the MUSIC FOLDER of the Clip Zip without having to change formats from MP4a to MP3?  I don’t mind paying a little extra for this feature.  Has anyone out there had experience doing this?  Thanks and I will wait for your responses. 

The Zip will play AAC files, but I don’t think Apple will sync music to players other than iPods, so you’d have to drag and drop yourself.