Sansa Clip

I just bought a sansa clip and i have no idea how to even get music onto it.  I had and ipod shuffle so I have a bunch of stuff on itunes, and I was wondering if somebody could tell me how I could get the songs from itunes to my sansa clip.

Best to read the Clip User Manual.   It gives a basic tutorial for Clip use (although doesn’t say everything:  the Clip continues to be improved over time).

Likely that you won’t be able to transfer the music files directly to the Clip, as Apple uses the aac format, which the Clip doesn’t support–it supports mp3, wav, wma and ogg formats.  You could use software to convert the aac files to mp3, but the conversion will lessen the sound quality.  Better, if possible, to go to the original source and obtain in a Clip-supported format to begin with.