Get Back exFAT system file Structure - Sandisk Extreme Pro - SDXC UHS-1 64GB 95/Mbs.633X.

 I connected a Sandisk Extreme Pro - SDXC UHS-1 64GB 95/Mbs.633X. using a usb2.0 sdhc reader (I was trying to put a firmware .bin update onto it for my GH2 panasonic). yeah i realise now i will need to use a sdxc reader.

It then offered to format the card - its now a RAW format - how can I get it back to the original exFAT format.

THERE IS NO  WARNING ON THE PACKAGING ABOUT THIS - I only found out on a warning that is buried away on a site after I had formatted the thing that exFAT isnt recognised by a PC unless its setup for sdxc.

Please help I dropped £160 for this to work properly!!

Will the “SD Formatter 3.1” application be able to get it back to the factory setting?


yes sd formatter 3.1 support sdxc. 

technally SDHC readers are the same as SDHC readers. the operating system just has to support SDXC. windows 7 and MAC 10.7 support SDCX by default so you can format normally and just choose exFAT as the file system. if you ahve an older operating system you will need a patch.

Thanks for the response. Having fun with windows xp 64 SP2 at the moment trying to install the patch

Natch - it doesnt want to install without an issue.

"Setup Error  The updatebr.inf file is invalid.  "         

Could go out and buy windows 7 (which conventionally has ex-fat support built in) and spend a week rebuilding everything.

Gotta love built in obsolescence - keeps the money wheels turning!