Imagemate All-in-One Sandisk compatibility with SDXC cards (SD 3.0) - exFAT , no MAC OS supported?


Just a question about the Sandisk reader Imagemate All-in-One , according to Sandisk press note

“SanDisk® ImageMate® memory card readers are compatible with SDXC cards if the connected PC uses an operating system that supports exFAT.” …

Ok, I understand that I can update my Windows PC by upgrading my OS with the exFAT driver.

That means that MAC users won´t be able to use SDXC cards because exFAT archive system is available for Windows as it´s been developed by Microsoft.

Does anybody know any MAC update or driver for using the SDXC cards? Is Sandisk developing or thinking about it to fix this?

Thanks in advance.

you can reformat the card into FAT32 using the MAC and it will work. as far as i know no one has written an exFAT driver for MAC.