Gapless playback?

If I have ripped CDs that have no gaps between songs (Live recordings, Meditation CDs etc.) using EAC & LAME will I be able to play them back gaplessly when if it is ever supported on the Clip? Is the gap added when decoded or at playback? I am looking at several players & gapless playback is important to me, so is this feature implemented WELL in currently available players available? What should I watch out for whan a player claims gapless playback?

As I understand it, gapless occurs with the playback.  Different players/firmwares have tried to accomplish it differently.  I have an iRiver iHP-140, and iRiver tried to enable a version of gapless that is only partially successful (and which can chop finals notes off); Rockbox firmware on my iRiver plays music back gapless largely successfully (there have been a few exceptions, typically with downloaded music rather than music I have ripped myself).  I think you need to proceed on a player-by-player basis; with the exception that Rockbox does it well, cross-platform. 

Thanks Miikerman. At least I will not have to re-convert all my stuff when I am no longer gaplessly challenged.


Pleased to be of assistance.  Note that Rockbox already supports some Sansa players; a port for the Clip is being looking into (ETA unknown, and whether it is even possible or if there is sufficient developer interest (altho there seems to be some)).

According to the kind of album you’re listening to, you might consider ripping the whole CD as one song. This helps getting a gapless listening of the whole album, but of course, it’s no more split in several songs :-(.

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kukrapok said “According to the kind of album you’re listening to, you might consider ripping the whole CD as one song.”

How do I do that?

It’s done through the settings in the ripping software you’re using, and can be quite simple.