Feature Request: gapless playback, (unprotected) AAC support

I have a lot of classical and concert CDs, and the gap between songs is annoying. It would be great if a future firmware upgrade allowed gapless. It would also be nice if the Clip would play M4As (LC-AAC). 

I know it’s possible through a firmware upgrade because it’s been done on Sansa models through the open source project Rockbox.

I hope the Sansa devs can look at the source and get some ideas.



It’s been done on Sansa models, but not the Sansa Clip. Just because one (more powerful) model can support something, doesn’t mean another can. Lots of things are possible, but what you’re asking them to do is the equivalent of taking a 3rd-party V12 engine and making it fit in a Smart Car. It might be possible, but it probably wouldn’t be pretty.

For many albums, themes, and classical music, a “gapless” algorithm would be nice.  Nominally, there’s a 2-second delay between tracks, and many CD ripping programs insert this gap during the conversion process.  Depending upon the nature of the gap itself, I’d venture that “gapless” may be quirky.

Here’s a sample of what’s possible:

How about 48 cylinders?  Yes, a bit quirky, but he got 'er done!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Hi all-

NooB Happly 4gb Clipper here!  Also casting a vote for gapless playback for a future firmware release.


-Mule :smiley: