gapless playback

the sansa disk+ supported this, but mine has frozen on me and sandisk are offering to replace it with either a sport or jam model.

i just need to know 100% if gapless playback is supported on the jam.

IIRC gapless is not supported on the jam or sport

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that’s not good news at all. thanks for replying though. 

Oh please, SansaDisk, just reimplement the gapless playback somehow! That one is really important! Ecpessially for the people who listen to the music on the album basis. Had Clip+ before too, and some minutes ago while listening to Kate Bush Aerial I was set aback by the ugly little gaps. Why Sansa? Why? I really loved my Sansa Clip+ and Jam seemed even a nicer player (AAC etc), sound is so good, and the player looks excellent. It just has to be some kind of mistake… Anybody, please give me some hope!


I’m sorry to tell you . . . not likely . . . .    :frowning:

VERY disappointed. Clip Sport+ purchased recently plays extremely well over pair of Sony BT speakers I purchased for entertaining at BBQs. Mixed CDs with numbered tracks playback with gaps! Old Sansa I’ve had for more than 10 years does not have this issue. Had I known there was no gapless option I would NOT have bought Sansa. A mixed CD is supposed play seamlessly.