FW Update 2.91 does not download on Mac

My media drive is currently on FW 2.90.

I got a message asking me to download new FW 2.91…the page simply does not load and after waiting a while, it displays a load of gibberish that looks like it might be code.

I’m on a macbook air running 10.8.5

Any suggestions?


Partial success…safari was the problem…so I downloaded the firmware upgrade via mozilla.

Followed the instructions and copied it to the media drive via usb on my laptop.

Then I disconnected the media drive from the laptop, turned it on and fired up the media drive app on my ipad.

It does not recognise any firmware or prompt to upgrade as the tutorial on your website shows.

When I try to double click the firmware image file on my ipad it says file not supported.

Im usually quite good at following instructions…am I missing something here…can you help?

Log into the admin settings and select upgade FW. 

Yes i did but what you suggested already… screen then prompts me that there is new firmware available…

Is the FW image to transferred to a specific folder in the media drive…just asking because I just dragged it to the media drive icon.

the FW file should be copied to the root directory of the Media Drive

“the FW file should be copied to the root directory of the Media Drive”

thats exactly what I did…i did not copy it into any existing folder on the media drive…but on its own.

I can’t help but wonder if there’s something about the file extension (.img) that’s causing your Mac to corrupt the file, as it might think it’s an image (i.e. photo) file.  Start by checking that you have the full file name (sandiskmediafirmware-2-91.img).

If I were you, in lieu of figuring out the real issue, I’d try to find a pc somewhere (local library) and download to that.

Good Luck!

I think you may have a point…ive only ever seen .dmg files for updates…maybe this .img confuses the mac.

I’ll try via pc although i still have to upgrade via the app thats on my ipad air (mac ios).

Will report how it goes.


I checked the fw i had previously downloaded via OS Mountain Lion and it said 64mb…trashed it and re-downloaded on another mac running snow leopard…this time the download said 102 mb.

Followed the instructions and it worked perfectly…now running 2.91