Firmware Update will not Load

I am following the directions exactly but I am unable to get the drive to recognize the firmware file I downoloaded and placed on the drive.  I am using a MacBook and an IPad.  Any suggestions to complete the firmware update?

What FW version are you ruinning? you can find the FW version in the app settings

From the IOS app looking in about the version is 2.7.4

2.7.4 is the app version not the FW version. To see the FW version you need to log in to the admin settings. There will be a section for Upgrade Media Drive. Beside that you will see the FW version. If you ahve 2.9 you ahve the latest. 

Im having the same problem…my current firmware is 2.90 and I’ve copied the 2.91 firmware file onto the media drive.

Why won’t it upgrade? Any ideas?

di you try going into settings and selecting upgade Firmware?

have the same problem, firmware will not load. in my settings there is no where to upgrade firmware

Mb40 i had the same problem and got it sorted.

Whats the size of your firmware img file…it should be 102 mb.

Mine was showing 64 mb earlier but would not work…i had to re download the firmware using another mac and then it worked.

Finally managed to download firmware 2.9.1. Upgrade media drive in Settings states i am running latest  firmware, but About in Settings states I have Version 2.8.7

Any thoughts?

2.8.7 is the version of the app on your tablet.

2.9.1 is the firmware version.

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