Hre is my problem :

I just can’t upgrade the media drive to the latest spects …

After 99% of downloading i got this message /

 " disk file damaged …"

The guy on the online support could not solve the problem…He suggested reformatting : nope

I have 3 media drives and wanted to upgrade …

What to do ? changing tot another brand ?

noel vandenbroucke in Belgium - Europe

I just updated my WMD using the download from the sandisk site so there is not a problem with the file. By any chance are you downloading the file using a MAC? Mac computers have a feature now called gatekeeper and sometimes this type of issue can happen with a file type like an IMG because the mac thinks it is a malicious app. Maybe you could try downloading from a different computer (Windows) or try relaxing the security settings. If you have a windows PC it could be related to security settings or AV settings so you could try disabling that before you download. 

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Glad a got a answer so soon .

We bought the new Dell dino 13’ with I7 core - 5° gen with windows 8.1 pro .

I think i have to mess around to succeed upgrading …If any one could solve the problem by taking over

my computer on distance ??

sincerely yours

noel vandenbroucke

Staden - in Belgium - in Europe

This problem was posted several months earlier and seems not to be resolved.

For some readers, the following statement may pose further question of interpretation.

After 99% of downloading i got this message /  " disk file damaged …"

  1. Does the word “downloading”, in this case refer to the first transfer of the file from SanDisk to the user’s computer?


  1. Does it refer to the installation process on the SanDisk Wireless Media Drive itself?

In the first case, the error message would most likely be similar to “download incomplete”. At this point, the Media Drive would not be involved and no harm would be done and would not affect the Media Drive.

In the second case reporting file damage, an installation process may display this type of error message and the upgrade process on the Media Drive would fail.

In this case, it would be good to have had additional information in advance as a method to verify that the filed transfer from SanDisk to computer is an exact copy of the original, such as a “checksum” number. Unfortunately, SanDisk does not provide this as a means of support nor do they report file size.

The file size reported for the SanDisk Connect Wireless Media Drive Release Notes for Firmware version 3.04 on my computer is 102,027,416 bytes (102 MB on disk). The SHA1 checksum number I get for this firmware version on my computer is:


I hope this will help some users.