Fuze won't turn on

Yesterday my fuze started messing up when it was playing music so I decided to turn it off. When I tried turning it on again it froze while refreshing the media so I turned it off again. Then I turned it on and it froze while refreshing the media again and then I turned it off. When I tried turning it on again it wouldn’t turn on and it won’t accept the charge when I tried to charge it.

Refreshing Database means the Fuze is choking on a file it can’t swallow. It could be something you added or it could be something that got corrupted. 

Leave it off and put it on Hold (slide the power switch down). Connect the cord to your computer. Hold down the center button and keep it held down as you connect the cord to the Fuze. You should get the Connected screen (and then you can let go of the center button). 

Look in My Computer (or Computer) and see what you can see. If you can see your files, and you don’t already have copies of them, make copies on your computer. You may be erasing them from the Fuze soon. 

Right-click on the Fuze drive,  then go to Properties/Tools/Error-Checking and run Error-checking to see if a bad file can be fixed. If it doesn’t find anything then you’re going to have to nuke it–erase everything and reload your files.

To do that, right-click and Format to FAT32.  This leaves the original firmware but gets rid of all your files. It’s drastic, but it usually fixes this problem.

Thanks for the answer but I tried it mutiple times and it still isn’t working.

happyperson wrote:

Thanks for the answer but I tried it mutiple times and it still isn’t working.

Diagnosis 101 :  please let us know exactly what you have tried so far.  There’s nothing more ambiguous than “it’s still doing the same thing” or “it still doesn’t work.”

With a little diligence, we can get it running.  Let’s go step-by-step.

For example: first try a soft reset.  Hols the power switch in the ON position for abour 20 seconds, then release.  Try powering up the device.  Does the main menu appear?  Does the last track played appear?  Or does it revert to “refreshing database” and freeze?  These are all different outcomes, leading us to different solutions.

In a nutshell, freezing in the Refreshing Database mode is indicative of a bad file.  Finding this file can involve a wee bit of detective’s work, but this can be simplified if you remember which tracks have just been added.

Clearing the decks, “Aye! Swab the deck, mates!!” by formatting is the quickest method, if you connect to the PC.  Running error checking using manage or the old-school and ultimately reliable chkdsk utility is the next step.

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thank you so much mine acttually worked now it works perfectly fine

Well I tried holding the power switch up for 20 seconds or more and then I followed the directions that the first solution suggested but I am still getting no response from my fuze.

Did you plug it into the USB cable which is connected to your computer yet?

yes I did