Fuze will randomly turn off

Fuze will randomly turn off then it takes a few seconds to turn on. after I see the welcome symbol it says refreshing media and it takes about 5 minutes to finish. it’s very annoying! Please some one help.

Have you tried a reset on the unit?.


Normally, the Fuze will only need to refresh the database upon data transfers.  If the µSD/SDHC card is left inserted, the database will not need refreshing on power-up.

I would have a look at the music files for problems with the ID3 tags and especially the album art files.

First, connect the Fuze in MSC mode and check the Sansa memory for errors in the file system: right click on My Computer, and select manage.   Click on the Fuze and check the drive for errors.  Do this for both logical drive letters assigned to the Fuze.

Be sure that your ID3 tags are written with ID3 v2.3 ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) tags.  A great utility for this is MP3Tag , a free utility.  Also, be sure that your jpg images for your music (album art) are 300 x 300 or smaller.  The images need not be larger then 15-20kb or so, otherwise, you can run into issues.

The Fuze can freeze and possible can turn off if you are trying to play a corrupted music file.

A simple way to find out is by doing the above steps, or format the Fuze, and reload your music a few tracks at a time, to see that all is well.  Remember, formatting the Fuze erases all data (media) from the device, so have backup copies ready to reload onto your Sansa.


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