Fuze with 16GB Internal Memory Hack?

The image below is the circuit board inside a 4GB Fuze.  The chip labeled SDTNLLBHSM-4096 is obviously the 4GB memory chip.  It is the same 48-pin type used in most USB flash drives.  I have a 32GB flash drive with two Intel 16GB chips (29F16B08JAMDB) of the same type. Could I replace the chip in the Fuze with one of these 16GB chips, and create a Fuze with 16GB of internal memory?

Fuze Cirsuit Board

I’d say that with a Sandisk 16GB memory chip you’d have a chance.  Being that you have Intel chips, it’s not likely that they are compatible.  Without datasheets for the memory IC and the main IC, it’s hard to tell.


Thanks for the reply.  I guess what I was asking is whether there is a standard pinout for these 48-pin flash ICs.  Something likewhat this initiative is creating?  Since almost all USB flash devices use memory ICs with the same package (I think it’s SSOP-48), I was hoping the chips would be swappable.  They’re not?

You’ll have to do research on the memory chips to check interchangeability. I don’t think the V1 and V2 Fuzes have compatible chips. IIRC the V2 has memory that contains better ECC. This may be one of the reasons for the different firmware. There probably are 16gb chips that will work, but you’ll have to find the correct type. It’s probably not worth the risk of destroying the motherboard if you lift some traces during removal. Just put a 16gb micro sd in the slot!