Largest external card Fuze can read?

I done a couple searches but I really didn’t find a solid answer…I would like to pick up a 16gig card for my fuze if it will work. And should I buy a sansa card when upgrading? Thanks ahead of time for any help :_)

Put 16GB in the search box and you’ll see that people are using them.

Get the latest firmware and reformat the unit to get a higher limit on the number (not the size, but the count) of files. If you have thousands of short files it may not display them all. 

People have had trouble with videos on Kingston cards. SanDisk should be most compatible, but if you get a bargain on another brand you might experiment. 

And if/when 32 GB cards become available, the Fuze is supposed to be able to use them as well. Anything larger will be microSDXC, which probably won’t be compatible with existing hardware.

thanks a lot for the quick answers!!! I will probably stick with the sansa cards…there are some decent deals online…thanks again!!

I got my SanDisk 16GB card at Office Depot a while back on sale for $49.99, but I’m sure there are even better deals out there for 'em now.  Good hunting!