Will a SanDisk 2GB Secure Digital Card work on my 2GB Sansa Fuze?

I heard that there are limitations on certain memory card sizes on music players.

I just want to confirm that a 2GB SD card is compatible with my 2GB Fuze. And what about a 4GB SD card?

The Fuze can use any capacity micro SD card, up to 32GB (but 16GB is the largest currently available). Anything above 32GB will be part of the microSDXC (?) specification, which hasn’t been completed yet AFAIK, so the Fuze probably won’t be compatible.

Awesome. Thank you for specifying micro SD; I almost bought the wrong type. :dizzy_face:

As a footnote, be careful with these wee beasties!!  They are teeny, and easily misplaced.  As you install the µSD card, insert it carefully, and press it inward until you hear a soft click.  Thsi will be at the point where the card is actually completely flush with the outer cover.

As you release gently, you’ll hear another click as the card tray locks in position.  The card will protrude a tiny bit, about 0.5mm when installed.

To release, press inward gently with a fingernail, and you’ll hear a little click, then release the pressure.

The first time a card is installed, it might feel a little bit awkward, just be gentle with it.

Be sure to have the Sansa powered off when installing or removing the card.  This protects against any inadvertent file corruption.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: