2 Fuze questions

Hi folks, I have a Fuze 8gb, and love the hting – have used it daily for 2 or 3 yrs.  3 questions:

  1. Most important: it’s an old Fuze; will it work with a 32gb SanDisk microSDHC?  I have always used it w an 8gb card.

  2. If I can use 32gb,  do I need to update firmware?  where do you go to do that (sorry, I know that is lame)

  3. unrelated: over time, I notice that the very first songs I put on the player can no longer be deleted using the Windows interface.  Is this something others have experienced?  It’s as if I no longer have access to a part of the on-board memory (not the stuff on the 8gb micro SDHC that’s inserted).

THANKS, all.

  1. Yes.

  2. No. But you should anyway. The firmware post is the 2nd from the top post on the main (1st) Fuze page.

  3. Not sure I understand, maybe you could explain it better?


Your rapid reply is much appreciated!  And ain’t this what the Interenet was always supposed to be about? People helping others?  thanks.

Re. that 3rd issue: let me set it out as clearly as I can:

Wwhen I synch the Fuze to my desktop (recent vintage, runs Win7–but same happens with my old comuter, Win XP):

  1. I get a prompt on desktop that asks if I want to open folder;

  2. I say yes, and that folder is the one that corresponds with the 8gb SDHC card in the Fuze (called on my computer “H:”)

  3. I have total access to the contents of that 8gb, and can add and subtract from it as I please, no prob.

  4. BUT: that “drive” gives me no access, obviously, to the contents of the flash memory inside the Fuze – THOSE 8gb.

  5. To get at those, I open the other desktop popup that Appears when I plug the Fuze to a USB port: the drive that is assigned to the Fuze itself, on my computer called “Sansa Fuze (G:)”

  6. When I enter that drive, all the folders are said to be empty.  i.e., Fuze’s internal memory cannot be read.

  7. HOWEVER, back on the “H:” drive, i.e., the 8gb SDHC card, as I scroll down the4 contents, I intriguingly find a folder, mixed in with all my music files, called “Music” it has no data associated with it.  When I open that folder, it lists some or perhaps all of what I have on the Fuze’s internal memory – or so it seems. 

Very odd – these files have prefixes like “4BOA000 filename]” or “350B000[filename]”

very mysterious.

Anyhow, that’s is what is going on, and maybe what I need to do, now that I am going to get a 32gb card, is wipe everything off the player and reformat, and start to build the lists from scratch again.

Again, thanks for your reply to my earlier message.  This one doesn’t require a reply unless you have some notion of what is going on!.

If you go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode you will see two choices, MTP and MSC, and Auto Detect.

Auto Detect sends it to MTP if it sees Windows Media Player 10 or above on your computer, because it assumes you want to sync, etc., with Windows Media Player.

The other mode, MSC, just makes the Fuze look like two ordinary disc drives  to your computer: a drive that happens to be called Sansa Fuze (driveletter): and the drive for the memory card.

The fun part is that while the Fuze sees all the music in its memories, your computer can only see one mode at a time. It sounds like you transferred your oldest songs in a different mode than you generally use now.

Take it off Auto Detect, try each mode and see if you can find your music. Then decide which mode you want to use and leave it on that mode–not Auto Detect. The weird filenames are junk added by Windows Media Player, supposedly to help it in indexing faster but (in my personal opinion) really just to annoy you.

My guess is that you’ve been using MSC but that at some point Auto Detect slipped some files over via MTP.

Black Rectangle,

Your analysis makes a lot of sense.  I do recall using MSC at the outset.  And have no idea how the thing is configured now.  I am pretty confident you have zeroed in on the problem.  I will explore further today.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my long email and to troubleshoot for me.