My Fuze froze and it has no music on it

Alright I’ve had this sansa fuze 8 GB for about 4 days, and it recently just froze on me, it deleted all of my music, and now on the computer it says I only 3.7 GB left on it when there is nothing on the Mp3 player at all.  What can I do? What is wrong with it?

Could be it had a reset after it froze and is in a different USB mode now than before the reset.

Check Settings/System Settings/USB Mode to see the current setting. Try all settings to see if you get your music back. 

If your Fuze was in MTP mode before and isn’t now, you can’t see the files put onto it in MTP mode which would account for the missing diskspace.

When all fails and you have copies of your music elsewhere, you could format the Fuze using the Settings/System Settings/Format menu.

Does the Fuze itself list your music and you can’t see it on the computer? Or does the Fuze show no music? Your computer, as explained above, can only see one mode at a time, while the Fuze sees all the music. 

If the Fuze doesn’t see it, then frankly I don’t know how it deleted your music. That shouldn’t happen unless you go into Settings/System Settings and hit Format, which does erase everything you have put on. 

Are you sure it’s 8GB and not 4GB? Maybe your number is just a coincidence, but a 4GB disk drive really only gives you 3.72 GB. (Check your computer’s hard drives for similar discrepancies.) Look at the Consumer Confusion section of this:

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We’re having this same problem. The Fuze can’t see the files. It shows “No songs” when going into the music folder. The computer can’t see the files either, every folder is empty when connected. But it does show that the total capacity is 8GB and only has about 4GB available.

Now, I haven’t tried MTP mode, so I will try that after work today, but is there anything else which could cause this? I don’t know if it was hooked up to my Mac or PC when things went wrong, but I also don’t see any .DS_Store files anywhere on the device, so I don’t think it’s that creating the problem. 

any advice is appreciated. 

I’d try a reformat. Settings | System Settings | Format.

I have a similar problem. It’s happened to me several times. Once in a while when I turn the player on it will display the “Refreshing Media” window, even though it hadn’t been plugged into a computer. After that happens I can’t see any music on the internal memory (i.e. under play all it will say “no song” unless there’s something on the uSD). The only way I’ve found to get it working again is to format the internal card and resync. This works, but like I’ve said, the problem keeps popping up again. And since SanDisk made the idiotic decision to go with a proprietary cable, it means if it happens when I’m travelling I’m screwed for the rest of the trip.

If anyone knows what’s causing this bug, I’d love to know. It seems like the internal memory is getting corrupted, but I don’t know how.

Hollowmyth, your problem may be switching between PC and Mac with USB mode on Auto Detect.

Auto Detect looks for Windows Media Player 10 or 11. If it finds it (on the PC) it transfers the music via MTP mode. 

Since there’s no WMP on the Mac, it transfers that music via MSC mode. 

A computer can only see one mode at a time. 

Solution: Put the unit in MSC mode (Settings/System Settings/USB mode) and the music from both computers will show up in the same place. You’ll have to remove and re-transfer the music that was visible in MTP. 

BlearySpecs, sync your music again, then put the unit in MSC mode and connect. Right-click, Properties, Tools (tab), Error-checking (tab). If there’s a bad file in there, Error-checking should zap it. Don’t save any “bad chains.”

Otherwise, the internal flash memory may be riding off into the sunset. If it’s less than a year old, call 1-800-SANDISK and get a warranty repair.