Fuze will not mount on Ubuntu 8.10

Hey all,

The Fuze was working great up until a few days ago and after a kernel update on Ubuntu Linux 8.10. Now, after the upgrade, I can’t get my device to mount. I have already ensured that I have the latest firmware (v02.01.17A) and the player is in MSC mode.

‘lsusb’ produces no results and ‘mount’ is the same. Is there a way to reformat the drive?

I don’t even know where to go from here and it’s extremely frustrating to say the least. The player is easily recognized in Windows XP (via MSC) but isn’t even acknowledged in Linux. Any help, advice, suggestions, or sympathy would be greatly appreciated…

Sounds strange, I got no probs in MSC and 8.10 - tested yesterday after all updates in.

For MTP it works with Rhythmbox, but not with Amarok2.

have you tried it on a diffrent usb port?

Do other USB devices get detected?

I get this problem:


which means the device connects at USB 1.1 speeds. I work round the problem by connecting through a USB 2.0 external powered hub.

But I have never seen my Fuze (or e260v2) fail to be detected. Maybe your cable is flakey?

I usually use MSC mode because although libmtp supports multiple storage devices (the microSD  card), none of the applications (Amarok, Rhythmbox et al) seem to cope well with it.