Can't mount 8GB Fuze in MSC mode under Fedora Core 7 Linux

I have a Sandisk e250 that mounts under my Linux box in MSC mode with no problems.  I just purchased a Sans Fuze 8GB, and it will NOT mount under Linux.  I’ve tried in MSC and auto mode.  Anyone have any success mounting a Fuze under Linux?


It works fine on my Asus eeePc running Xandros Linux.

Thanks.  I just updated all packages on my system, and still can’t see the Sansa Fuze as a usb drive.

I’m running the latest Ubuntu and I have to run the command lsusb in order for my Fuze to begin charging and show up as a disk drive under msc mode.  MTP and auto didn’t work for me.  I hope this helps.

Maybe somebody can tell me how to make it work without running lsusb every time.  Please?