New 8GB fuze in hand and an MSC question...

Got my new fuze today.  Saw it was preloaded with some media and was 2/3 charged.  That’s cool.  Nice to play with the menus right off the bat.

I’ve been using an e250 for a long time and I always use MSC mode to drag and drop my music. I made sure the fuse was in MSC mode and connected it.  It pops up as drive F: on my screen.  I see some system files and folders including MUSIC, VIDEO and PHOTO.  The problem is that ALL the folders are EMPTY.  Why doesn’t the media show up?  I know it’s there.

What is different about MSC mode in the fuze compared to the e250?  Confused. 

That’s an easy question.  Your Fuze was loaded in MTP mode.  Files transferred in either mode are not visible in the alternate mode.  If you connect in MTP, Windows Explorer will show the files.

Which mode you ultimatly choose to work with is up to you.  Remember that DRM encoded files, Audible books, Overdrive, require the use of the MTP protocol.

Hope this clears up a wee mystery!  Enjoy your new toy.

Bob :smileyvery-happy:

You’ll also find that the database refresh phase goes much faster in MTP mode than MSC mode.

Thanks guys.  Makes sense I guess.  I never used MTP mode before.  Looks like with 8GB+ to play with I may have to go that route.

its all good untill you try and use it on a computer with WMP 9 or linux

Well, that’s why “auto detect” is there.  I find it quite handy to transfer files, voice recordings, documents, oscilloscope displays, EEPROM dumps, photos… oh, and music too.

Being able to swap to MSC mode on the fly is a wonderful thing.  Especially when I forget to carry a Cruzer.

Bob  :wink: