Strange Fuze MSC mode Issue

I bought my girlfriend a black 4gb fuze a month ago, but we have always had one issue. When in Mass Storage Mode you can’t see any files, the folders appear empty. I asumed this was some copy protection or bug, but updating to the newest firmware hasn’t helped.

A week ago I got a second black 4gb fuze as a prize in a contest.  This one is a v2, where my girlfriends is a V1. both are running the latest firmware. When I put the V2 into mass storage mode I can see all the files in the folders, and my home stereo USB connection can also now see my music. I also tested on my kenwood USB enabled car stereo, and the V2 works fine there too. 

I loaded the music in the exact same manner(used WMP11), so is there an issue with the V1 fuze that MSC mode doesn’t work properly? 

Any input would be apreciated. 

Files can only be seen when connected under the mode in which they were added.  In other words, files added under MTP/Auto won’t be visible when connected via MSC and vice versa.  The player itself will always see all files added under either mode, but managing the content becomes very difficult.   It’s best to just pick one mode and stick with it (don’t use Auto, pick one of the specific modes).

If you prefer MSC (good choice), format the player from the settings menu, switch to MSC and reload all your files.

You are exactly right. I must have originally loaded the music in auto mode, but turned it to MSC mode later. When I got the new Fuze I already knew which mode I wanted to use, so all the files were added correctly the first time, hence it working the way I wanted it too.

I formatted the v1 fuze and reloaded the files, and all is working great. 

Thank you!