MTP Linux Connectivity


I just received my new Sansa Fuze 8GB and I love it.  I was having trouble accessing data that I previously dumped to the internal memory with Windows when I was later connected to a Linux computer - under MSC mode on Linux I can do  anything to manipulate data on an add-on microSD card, but I can’t get very far into the file structure on the internal memory so I tried a couple of things.  In my search to find software to access the Fuze under Linux using MTP I ran into a program called Qlix.  Qlix connects using MTP and allows me to do a whole lot real easily.  I’m currently running Ubuntu 8.10 i386 on a Thinkpad T61p and just downloaded Qlix using Synaptic.

I wanted to share this info with other Fuze owners that run Linux.  Enjoy!