Lost Linux usability after Firmware upgrade

I’ve been using my Fuze for quite some time, with no significant problems, using Ubuntu. But recently I upgraded the firmware to V01.02.28 (using Windows), and now whenever I connect under Ubuntu the thing freezes with a “Writing” prompt, and I am unable to mount it. I tried downgrading to V01.02.26, and still have this problem. I noticed that the splash screen didn’t change back when downgrading, so maybe I was using an even older version.

Nither downgrading to 01.01.22 nor 01.01.15 help.

You may have checked already however recheck USB settings on the player…after the last firmware update I noticed mine was switched back to default autodetect.

As a side note…you are not alone with regards to mounting the fuze under Ubuntu.More often than not I have to unplug/replug the device before it will mount.A lot of times it will not mount even though lsusb detects it.Rebooting often solves things.

Thanks. I did check, but it had worked before with the autodetect setting, and I didn’t think to change it. Now I’ve set it to MSC and it works perfectly.