Fuze Volume

I just bought a new Fuze… the volume is so low as to make me not even want to bother listening to music.  I looked at the solution on the board… I have my volume setting on “High”… equalizer makes a negligible difference.  I tried the link for the download fix, my computer does not know how to open it :(     The wheel does not control volume at all as far as I can tell.  There is a language setting, but no “regional” settings as far as I can tell… HELP!    Oh, and it is NOT my headphones.  Two different pair and my car stereo, NO volume.  :(   Your help would be MUCH appreciated.

Go to Settings > System Settings then select Reset Factory Settings.  You will see a warning screen. Go ahead and reset, as we’re just going back to default settings.  Select your language, then the Region: if you do not select Europe, the volume High setting is once again available.

This does not delete any of your music.  Be sure to go ahead and select the proper region for your FM radio, as this affects the frequency steps, but not the volume.

Bob  :smiley: