Fuze Volume Setting Issue

Hello all,

First post here and would start off by saying what an excellent forum relating to an excellent product!

I’m looking for a little help if anyone is able.

I bought a 4GB Fuze from QVC in October.

It worked fine for a coupl of weeks and then the volume setting in:

settings > system settings > volume > normal / high

stopped working i.e. level would not change when the option was switched.

QVC were, as always, very good and issued a replacement.

Same thing has happened again - fine for a couple of weeks and then the volume issue has arisen.


  1. Is this is a common issue?

  2. Any ideas as to probable cause? (perhaps just duff units???).

  3. Any way to return it back to ‘normal’ without having to return the player for replacement?

Running firmware V01.01.22F.

Any and all help would be gratefully received.



It doesn’t actually change the volume when you change the setting.  When set to high, you will however be able to get higher volume.  At leas that is my experience.

Thanks for the quick response cfsacks.

The higher volume is just not coming through - when I go back to the ‘now playing’ screen and raise the volume, it goes no higher than it previously did before I changed the option in ‘settings’.

Any other ideas anyone???



What happens in general when it is set to high, at a lower volume it is slightly louder, so for instance, normal setting a volume of 10 is 10, on High setting a volume of 10 is closer to 11. If that makes sense. With headphones its almost impossible to really hear unless you have a trained ear or perfect hearing. It is slightly more noticable on a sterio. your best bet if you need more volume on your fuze and headphones is to get a headphone amp.