volume problem

Hi i have a problem with my fuze since i downloaded some new firmware the volume control that lets you set between normal and high has somehow vanished! Is there a solution to this? 

Come on, this has been discussed at length ever since the new firmware was released.

Try: Search: volume

Basically - do a factory reset and then choose your region as rest of the world as opposed to EU or Yankee land!

Devastating reply simple but genius!

i didnt work i can hardly hear a thing

thanks i set to rest of world and it worked

Just for the record, the High volume setting is available in both North America and Rest Of World.  It’s only gone in the European region.

Thankyou so much for this help.  I need my mp3 while im working away and with all the noise from the road and my van I really need the extra volume to hear anything at all. Seriously much love :smiley:

Thanks very much for the answer to the volume problem.

Spot on solution. Was very frustrated yesterday now I am a happy man!!!

Your a Genius, Thankyou !

thank you so much! i can finally hear my music again when i’m on the train.