Fuze v2 - Refreshing Database freezes - force shut-down won't solve it

well title says it all
refreshing database freezes at 100%
i have already tried deleting the mtable.sys and force shut-down holding the shut-down button for 20 secs. i also tried downloading the firmware updater but it didn’t find any updates available

can i reinstall my firmware some way? or make it bypass the refreshing of the database?

ignore my post above , the problem solved itself
(i mean that, i changed nothing, i just forced it to shutdown some more times, and about 10 times later, it worked perfectly :))

anyway, sorry for flooding the forums :slight_smile:


welcome to the forums anyway.

2 posts constitute a ‘flood’?

Barely a trickle! :smileyvery-happy:

Glad you were able to get it working!

it was just that they were not needed

thanks for your "welcome"s anyway :slight_smile: