Fuze Playlist Songs not listed correctly

Fuze Playlist Songs not listed correctly

I have created multiple playlists and realize that when I disconnect my fuze and try to look at the songs in the playlist on my player, it lists same songs on multiple playlists.

If I connect back to the computer and reopen playlist, the songs I added are there as they should be.


I have created playlists by right click on selected songs and create playlist and drag and drop to the playlist.


Not sure how to fix this.



Playlist A - songs 1 to 20

Playlst B - songs 21 t 100

Playlist C - Songs 1 to 100


anyone experiencing this? Please help!



When I diconnect the player from computer it is listing all 1 to 100 under playlist A and B and C!!!

Another thing I notice is some playlists show “empty” on the device but definitely have songs listed when I connect the fuze to the computer.

Is there a reason why?

Is it because I move the playlist from its original location?

Make sure that when you create the playlists, you are navigating to and adding the files from your player, not  your hard drive.

Also, what format are you saving the playlists in, m3u? If so, then these playlists must be placed in the MUSIC folder on your player along with your music. If not, you could get the <empty> sign.

Edit: And yes, if you moved a playlist, the path would now be in-correct, so that could be it.

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My playlists are .pla files. They are in the music folder. Even when i move the playlist to another folder (under the music folder) and open the playlist it does have all the files I added correctly.


Also, if I just reconnect the fuze to computer again, double click the playlist … check songs listed and not change anything and close it out then disconnect, now the player shows the correct list of songs (E.G 1 to 20) but messes up some other playlist then which starts listing these songs (1 to 20 only) now.

The e200v1 series players use a .pla playlist and they have a PLAYLISTS folder that the playlists go into. Typically, the v2 units and the Fuze use an .m3u playlist that has to go in the MUSIC folder as I suggested. But when I was playing around with my Fuze the other day, I got a .pla playlist to work by creating a PLAYLISTS folder (the Fuze doesn’t have one by default) and putting the playlist in there. You might try this. :smiley:

Well my Fuze came with a Playlists folder and the .pla works no matter where I store it … in the music folder or in the playlists folder … that is no aecting this issue.


I hope someone lse is seeing this too so the bug gets fixed!

I’m seeing this on my new Fuze.  The .pla playlists list correctly in Winamp but on the Fuze they will all show the same songs as in the first one I open after a refresh (e.g., I have 4 playlists named A, B C, and D. On the Fuze, if I open C first it looks and plays fine.  But when I open A, B, or D they all show the same songs as in C.  But they look fine in Winamp). 

In Explorer, I manually moved them from the Playlist folder to the Music folder and from there they will work correctly on the Fuze and in Winamp. 

Anyone else see this?