Fuze not working

My Sansa Fuze quit working after it froze during start up. I attempted to hard restart but that was unsuccessful, I then removed my SD card and it finished the start up sequence, then it shut off, the battery got hot and now it won’t work at all.  It is even unresponsive when I plug it into my computer. The installed firmware is 02.03.33. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Is it more than a year old? If not, call 1-866-SANDISK for a warranty repair.

Otherwise, you can try to force the MSC connection and then manually reinstall the firmware. Get the right firmware (v2 for you) from the All Regions link in the firmware update sticky. Unzip it and put FuzeA.bin where you can find it, like on the desktop.

 With Windows Explorer (Computer or My Computer) open, plug the USB cord into the computer (but not the unit yet).

With the unit OFF and the power switch pushed down to HOLD (orange dot shows), hold down the << side of the wheel and connect with the USB. It should appear in Windows Explorer.

Then drag-and-drop fuzeA.bin onto the driveletter for the internal memory of the  Fuze. (E:, F:, whatever it is), let it sit for 30-40 seconds to make sure the whole thing transferred, disconnect and hope it installs and gets its act together.