SANSA FUZE stucks at first screen and nothing happens

my sansa fuze   apox 2  years old. it was  amazing   at first  year than one day  when I connect  it to my  pc  it stucked  at  opening screen but te screen  looks weard colors  not correct and  little  low resolution sansa letters. I tryed  all instructions but  its not responding at all. I downloaded  recovery tool but because of sansa  not  working at  all my  pc  couldnt recognize  it.  know I dont  knwo what to do I am living  in turkey and  a  friend  of  mine bringed  my  sansa  from  chicago. I bouth an  I phone  3G and I am  happy with my   mp3  player  in it but  I want to  give  my  sansa  to my  mother  to let  her  listen some music. but  as I told you its  not working at alll!!!

Help me  please or tell me   you are  not  good enough to  produce  a decent   player.

dont missunderstand  me  I love sansa  memories they  are   THE BEST!!!  but not every company  can produce  good mp3  and  video players. I can  understand if  SANDISK is only  a memory producer  company!!! 

I see now when  I try to help someone   2  different  person  jumps  to tell me   I am doing  something  wrong  but noone  attemps to help me  so what???

is tehre any  solution for  me now ?

or  am I right about what  I said   at previous  post? 

Download the x.x.26 firmware from this thread:

and unzip it. If you don’t know whether your Fuze is version 1 or version 2, try version 1 first, since you say your Fuze is two years old. 

When you unzip it you should see fuzea.bin .

With the Fuze NOT turned on,  slide the power switch DOWN so that it is on Hold.

Press the center button and keep pressing it as you connect to the computer. That should force a connection. 

Look in Computer or My Computer (XP or Vista) for the Sansa Fuze drive. When you see it you can stop pressing the center button.  Drag the file  fuzea.bin right onto the drive. Disconnect and the Fuze should install the new firmware. 

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thank you for your time

unfortunately  however I try  I coundt connect  my  sansa  to my  pc  I recorded a video to prove  there is no connection at all.

to be able to sure  my  computer  doesnt  have  any  problem I tryed same  steps  as you said on 2  different  computer   too. but  nothing happened still no connection.

what I need  to do ? 

Take it one step at a time.  Try resetting the Fuze first.  Slide the power switch up to the ON position, and HOLD it there for 20 seconds.  Then try powering up again.

There is no “recovery tool” for the Sansa Fuze.  The tool mentioned is for a different device.

As described above, the next step is to reinstall the firmware manually.  See if the device will connect.  You will have to manually connect in MSC mode.

Bob  :wink:

reset function is   working  but when I power it up again  it shows me  same  weird looking screen(normal sansa opening screen but low resolion) than nothing  happens. 

and  please tell them  if you know  who desinged  POWER button its  extremely  hard  to hold  20 seconds…

Indeed, I must agree with you there!  The Achilles’ Heel of the Sansa Fuze is that $#%@ power slider.

The Sansa View does have a few things going for it, one big advantage is a bigger power switch slider.  For those of us with big paws, it is a dilemma.  I have modified a few, with a plastic overlay carefully glued to the baton.  My preference was to use the slider as a hold switch only, and the Home button should have been mapped as the menu / power like on the e200 series.

Next step is to see if you can establish a connection with your PC.  Open a Windows Explorer window by pressing [Windows Key] + E, or go to My Computer.  On your Fuze, first be sure the device is OFF.  Slide the power switch down to the HOLD position, where you will see an orange flag visible.  Press and hold the center button while connecting the USB cable, keeping the button depressed until the device pops up as a flash drive under “devices with removable storage”.

Contrary to popular thought, if the device is talking in either MTP or MSC, we can reapply the firmware to see if the device can be recovered.  The advantage of MSC mode is that we can see whether we have a version 1 or 2 Fuze, by looking at the version.sdk file in the root directory.  To see this file, you can open it with Notepad.  Important!  Do NOT edit this file, it’s needed for the system.  The disadvantage at this point, with MTP, is that we cannot see the version.sdk file to verify which firmware version we will need.

Here’s what the file will look like:


Product: Fuze
FW: V01.02.xxA
Region: Americas

The version of your Fuze is shown by the line highlighted here; in this case, the firmware revision begins with 01 , meaning it’s a version 1. You must install the correct revision for your particular version Fuze.  Once you have seen this information, simply close the file.  If you inadvertently type anything in Notepad, DON’T save the changed file, just close it. 

If you already know whether you have a version 1 or 2 device, download the firmware from the Fuze firmware thread, unzip it, then drag-and-drop the file into the root directory.  Simply place the .bin file in the open Explorer box (the root), but NOT into any of the folders seen.  Once the file has been transferred, look at the bottom of your screen for the Safely Remove icon at the lower right.  Click on Safely Remove for the Fuze, and then unplug.  The firmware will install automatically.

Turn on the Fuze after this installation, and see if the display has returned to normal.

If it has NOT, contact Support at 1-866-SanDisk, and they will be able to assist you further.  The Sansa has a one year warranty against defects, like a bad TFT display, if this is our finding.

Bob  :wink:

thank you for your time Bob

unfortunately still I coulndt see  any  connection after  I hold  that center  button like 5 mins.

because  of there is no connection I coulndt  try  next  step. I offered  to send  my  sansa  player  to factory. now I am wating ansver I will donate  my  player to company  to  help them  and protect   their  customer  from  this problem.

I think there is  not solution for me here…