Fuze not allowing an update.

Well heres my issue. I have the 4gb Fuze, & what I was doing was adding music to my 2gb micro sd card that I had just received in the mail. Rhapsody had recognized the music at first. Then, the Fuze software found an update & thats where it all went down. Now im gettin the following message: Not enough space for Music DB. Please free 90mb. Well my computer does recognize the Fuze, but it doesnt see any of the music on my Fuze, even though the Rhapsody program says that its full. I even looked into the music folder, but its completely empty. This is my 2nd Fuze, & whats interesting is that Fuze has lasted for maybe 3 months. Any ideas? Maybe a software issue?

You have a corrupted file. Search this forum for the Chkdsk utility and then run that. Finally get rid of the updater software. It will cause you nothing but trouble. Everything that might need upgraded can be done from this site. Also one other thought… If you dont use Rhapsody to get music, I would recommend a different software for managing your files (something like Media Monkey) and then using the Fuze in MSC mode and using the copy and paste method to add files to the player, this way you are in control of everything and know if you are adding too much to the player.

So let me make sure I understand this. When it comes to the Sansa Updater software, dont install any of it? Theres a sansa updater, firmware, user manual (which i dont need), & sansa media converter. I dont need any of that?

If you want to put video or photos on the Fuze you need the Sansa Media Converter.  If not then you need none of that. Check back here occasionally for Firmware updates but thats it. A lot of that stuff just gets in the way. The software is there because its handy for the technically inept but nobody really suggests using it. BTW SMC is proprietary so there is really no getting around it.

Edit: The firmware is easily updated from the sticky thread at the top of the Fuze Forum. 

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Updater tries to call SanDisk every time you start your computer. It’s a waste of your bootup time. Uninstall it.

Don’t install the Sansa Media Converter from a disk if you got one. Get the newer one here.

It’s still a program with problems, but it’s better then the old version. 

The latest Rhapsody will also transfer videos to the Sansa, but if you don’t want it controlling all your music, watch the installation carefully and don’t let it install itself as the default player, take over file types or import your media files.