fuze is acting really strange

I finally got my FUZE out of its packaging a couple of weeks ago, got it loaded up. It seemed to play the first couple of songs and then I started messing around with the settings and such and I don’t know what has happened. It will play all songs…just the first second and then stop and then other times, it will play all songs at the first 10 seconds. Other times when it does play, what it says it is playing, is not the song it is playing. All of my files are complete files and they are correctly listed as the right songs and artists. Other times, you hit pause, it won’t go back to playing or it will show its playing mode but it isn’t moving. I have yet to be able to enjoy my player cause I am always fighting with it. No one seems to know what it is doing.

If it’s new, you could take it back. It shouldn’t be doing that.  Of course, it could also be something you did to Settings or your files. But you could just start over again–you have a one-year warranty. 1-866-SANDISK. 

Only you know what “messing around with the settings” you did. So it’s hard to say what’s going on. 

If you want to try to fix it, first go to Settings/System Settings, scroll down past the end of the page and Reset it, which will go back to factory default settings.

The look in the Firmware Update stickies near the top of this page, download the Updater and see if a firmware update helps. 

Otherwise, it could be a bad Fuze, or it could be your files are making it unhappy. Are you sure they are .mp3, .wma, .flac or .ogg files (not mp4 from iTunes–it may show on the screen, but it won’t play).