Fuze hangs when resuming movie after power saving shutdown

I have a number of movies on my Fuze, and have noticed that if I pause them in the middle to perform another task the power saving feature will shutdown the player. When I power up the device again the movie cannot be restarted… and usually after punching a bunch of buttons the device hangs. Even the power switch is unresponsive - though when reproducing the error here I have found that it will turn off if I hold the switch for an abnormally long period of time, like 10 seconds instead of the usual 2 seconds.

Even after this power shutoff, or even if I let the battery run out, it is difficult to continue. When I select the movie it hangs again. If I choose something else like to play a music file I can go through all the motions, then when it starts to play I am back at the movie and it hangs. Once I had to delete the movie file completely to get out of this loop. The last time I tried it I was successful at getting music to play - so it does not always do the same thing. But getting it to hang in this scenario is pretty easy.

Is this a known issue?


Thanks… that is likely the same issue though the details are a little different. My video playback was paused before shutdown… is this the same as “stopped”. It is also not as easy to recover as was suggested, and in most cases I must delete the offending video before I can resume normal operations.

Edited to add… I have firmware 2.02.26

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