Video Bug?

I was watching one of my videos (youtube video not realy mine got it on by using Any Video Converter Professional Evaluation Version) and I turned the power off by accident. Then when i turned my fuze back on it started normally, then the screen went to the music screen (music>songs>random song>music screen) with what’s supposed to be the album art is on the right side of the screen instead of the left side sometimes on normal side ( in the “album art” a picture, part in the video is in there not moving) the fuze goes frozen if you go somewhere else andit says play but its paused. If you press the home button it goes to the home button u can still scroll but there are no pictures (headphone picture for music, video tape picture for videos etc.) If you go to music then pick a song then it freezes (oor maybe it freezes at a random time). To turn it off you have to do soft reset (or something hold powere switch up for 15-20 seconds). Then after words theres the “refreshing your media” (or something). Can you please fix this (bug or not?) in the next firmware. I’m not sure if this is a bug or if there is something wrong with my fuze. I also have the firmware V01.02.26A.

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Cool and bizarre display, isn’t it?  With a little thumbnail too.  I’ve noted the bug.

To recover, a soft reset (holding the power switch in the ON position 15 seconds) will reset the Fuze.  Upon power up, the database does refresh following this fault.

To work around this issue, simply stop the video playback before shutting down.  Upon powering up, you can use the “resume from current position” function to resume viewing.

Oh, another issue there: the resume function also will need tweaking.  This function is missing with version .26.  I liked the resume options of the .22 firmware version.  If you are regularly using the video feature, reinstalling version .22 is a great option.  Otherwise, tapping the Home key and exiting the video works well.


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I have almost the same problem.  I was watching a video and turned it off mid video by accident.  Now I can’t do anything.  What is diffrent for me is when I restart the player it does NOT refresh my media but takes me back to the video that I was watching, but then I can not get it to do anything.  Just like the above post if I go to the menu and try to play something else it reboots back to the video that I was originally playing.  I have done several soft reboots and still stuck in the same loop.  The way that I got out of the loop was to delete the video from the player menu.  The video still shows up in the video library but at least went I start the player it does not take me back to the video that it locked up on.  This is clearly a bug of sort.  The have rebooted it several times and when I go back into the video library it still shows the video that I got stuck on.  I even tried to delete it from this menu and it said it deleted it, but it still shows up.  When I go into the info menu it still shows three videos even after I deleted one of the three videos.  When I get home I will connect it to my computer and still if the video is still in the storage.

So the question is, do I need to do a hard reset and then move everything back over?

Note that all of the videos were converted with the Sansa software and transfered over the same way. 

Last ran firmware update 7-19-09
version V02.02.26A

:dizzy_face:  i have the same problem.  power it up and it shows music mode and displays the thumbnail of the last video i played and is it will reboot if i press play.  come back to the same screen and freeze.  locks up.  i have to do a hard reboot. i reformat my scan disc.  i going to follow the instructions from the thread above.   hopefully it will work i will let u know.

It works.  I always pause the video and then hit the home button before turning my fuze off, as suggested by microsansa.  Haven’t had the video bug show up yet. :smiley:

im sorry but i cant accept this as a solution. its a work around. will this be addressed in a new firmware soon?

@rsliger989 wrote:
im sorry but i cant accept this as a solution. its a work around. will this be addressed in a new firmware soon?

It’s a known issue. If & when another firmware update is released, a fix for this should be included.

@rsliger989 wrote:
im sorry but i cant accept this as a solution. its a work around. will this be addressed in a new firmware soon?

Ask and ye shall receive . . .

New Fuze Firmware Update 01.02.28 & 02.02.28

HOT off the presses! :smileyvery-happy:

thank you very much

I think i might have found a fix. This worked for me i don’t know if it will work for you. When it is frozen if you can navigate the menus then go to music and click play previous. If it changes the album art to whatever it was you selected, then go back to the video it froze up on and select it. Hopefully, this should bring up the options to start from where you were or from the beginning. Choose either one. Hope this helped!