Fuze acts weird


Whenever I turn the Fuze off while it’s playing a video, it starts acting weird when I turn it back on. For example, it starts treating the video like a song, it shows it playing how you would see a song playing, with the video thumbnail as the album art, only no sound is playing. If you try to go to a song or the radio, it either locks up or resets itself. The only way to cure this is to plug it into the computer, but I need a way to stop this from happening in the first place.


it is a bug in the currect firmware. to avaiod having it happen do not turn the device off while playing a video. you will need to exit the video and go back to the menu before shutting it off.

there are 2 ways of clearing the error if you do encounter it.

  1. hold the power switch up for about 10 sec to soft reset the player

  2. press the home button, this will take you to the main menu but there will be no icons. scroll through untill you see video and select it. once in video you can play the vid. once the video is playing you can exit the video menu and everything will be back to normal. 

thanks for the info, but the instructions at the end don’t work for me.

well guess you will have to use the soft reset method then. i have 2 fuzes and both methods work for me.

When I do the soft reset, you said the menu will show no icons, but it still does so how am i supposed to do it?

it is not a 2 step process it is 2 seperate work arounds.

  1. soft reset will clear the error (you are good to go no need to do #2)

  2. do not soft reset press home button, scroll through till you see video and select it, play said video, pause video, press home to return to the menu, continue using device.