Fuze crashes trying to play mp3 after ogg

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We havent duplicated it.

I’ll try & find time to have a go this evening. I have a V1 Fuze & a Linux box (although I haven’t checked the encoder versions).

Soenke, was there anything special about the source WAV? What did you rip it with, and did you use any special settings?

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For me, the problem persists. Also, trying some more files (all freshly ripped/encoded as described above), I now get the freeze no matter whether it is VBR or CBR mp3s after the ogg file. :frowning:
Tracks are ripped using cdparanoia III release 10.2, without any arguments apart from tracknumber and output filename.



I don’t see this problem, although I only tried a couple of pairs of tracks.

Ripped with cdparanoia, encoded with oggenc 1.2.0, lame 3.98, no tags. Transferred by MSC to internal memory, played using a playlist generated by EasyTag (ogg->cbr, ogg->vbr).

Is there anything particular about the state of the player - light on/off, normal/other eq, etc?

Sorry, I was busy the last few days, so I did not get around to replying earlier.
I reset the Fuze to factory settings from the menu, made no difference. Neither does the state of the backlight. Equalizer is set to normal.
Could this be specific to the 2GB model? Daytona955, what capacity is your Fuze?
If anyone has any more ideas what could be tested, they would be very welcome.



I also have this problem with an 8gb version 1 player. As I noted in the other thread, this bug does not happen consistantly for me. It was occuring every 20 minutes or so when I first bought the player, now it only happens once or twice a week. I did add an additional 8gb sdhc card, so perhaps it’s just due to the offending tracks occuring less frequently. On the note of tags causing the problem, I was wondering if this might be the issue as well, and used EasyTag to convert all tags to ID3V2.4 and utf-8. Someone earlier said 2.4 tags aren’t supported, but this seems not to be the case. I just realized I haven’t yet converted the tracks on the sdhc card. EasyTag is telling me there are 34 tracks to be converted of the 1161 on there, now I’m wondering if these are the tracks causing the problem… I’ll convert them and get back.

I experience the same problems, but constantly. Using the 8 GB version 1 as well.

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 Daytona955, what capacity is your Fuze?

4GB+8GB uSD. I tested the OGG & MP3 files on internal memory.

But I did only try it with one track encoded 3 ways & played in different sequences. From some of the other posts, it sounds as though it might not happen with all tracks, and I don’t have a large number of OGG or MP3-CBR  tracks to try.

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This seems to be fixed in firmware version 01.02.26.