Fuze battery question/problem?

I just got a 8gb silver fuze on Monday so brand new. Well I think the battery may be damaged cause it seams like I get 9-10 hours out of it when I heard its rated at 24 or so hours for audio. I do have a 8gb SD micro card class 2 inside and it is also in a total clear plastic shell to protect the screen with brightness set to a little below half so why is my battery running low so fast? Should I contact Sandisk? Any help or advice would be great thank you ahead of time :slight_smile:

Video obviously would eat a lot more battery, but just music shouldn’t use as much power as you describe…so your backlight time, and file types, these are variables that alter battery life…WMA, OGG Vorbis , and FLAC use more battery power than MP3. And brightness, but having it less than half should help. So, in closing, what amount of time is your backlight set for, and what kinf of music files you playing? 

backlight set for 15 secs brightness just below half mostly 128 k mp3s with a few 196 k a a few 320 k mp3s

@kamakura wrote:
backlight set for 15 secs brightness just below half mostly 128 k mp3s with a few 196 k a a few 320 k mp3s

That’s where my backlight is set too, and I also have the 8gb microsdhc…I don’t honestly know how long mine lasts…I kept track with my Clip once(10.5 hours w/lots of wma vbr, some 224mp3, some vorbis ), but never the Fuze…it would take me a few days to really test it though. Wait a minute…are you using the EQ? The custom EQ drains more power too.

I keep it on normal only switched it a few times to full bass and to rock to try them out. But yea I am going do more test but it just seams to me like it not holding power as long as it should. 

The only other thing I can think of, is how high do you turn it up? And don’t be deceived by the battery gauge…sometimes the percentage it tells you looks too low, but then it stays at level for a whilebefore  it ,moves again…not a linear progression, all you can do to truly find out the life is keep track of the time and play it out. My Clip was still playing loud and strong when it dropped to 0%…then I shut it off and hooked up the wallcharger. :smiley:

 thank you guess gonna have to just time it and see if maybe I just think its getting to low to fast. Hopefully I am just paranoid its broke cause it seamed like my e280r lasted forever on a charge LOL

The only question I have is did you follow the instructions and plug it up and fully charge the player before doing anything else?