New Sansa Fuze battery life too short

I have just ordered a new silver sansa fuze about a month ago. The moment i turned it on i charged it in the computer and put all my music on. But when I started listening to it, fully charged, i died in less than two hours. It takes about 2 hours to charge and dies in just as much time as it takes to charge. Is that normal for most people or is mine defective?

If it is defective, am I able to return it? I’m not sure how to do that. Do I just call sansa or something? Do I have to pay or anything to get an RMA? 

I’m not a pro but i bought mine three weeks ago and it’s fine…about 20 hours playack.

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do you get 20 hours even with watching videos? I listen to music only and I still have only about 2 hours playback

With the Info you gave there is no way to know for sure youve got a defective unit. Check your backlight settings and energy saver options. Also what file type are you playing. Even with everything turned up and the file types that require most power to decode, that sounds really really low.

Sorry about the bad description. I have a 8GB fuze and i set the backlight on 10 seconds from one hour and everything else is set at the factory settings. This seemed to save some energy but it only lasts about 6 hours now. I only play .mp3 and .wav for music. i don’t have any videos or photos to take up space either.

MP3 Bitrate matters, and wav takes more power to decode. Even with that though it should be closer to 15 hours. Are you skipping a lot of songs? Do a Soft Reset (Press the power button up and hold it for 15-20 seconds) then charge it.