????? FUZE = bad logic - aggravating

Hi all -

I need your help.

Because I am totally stumped.

On my FUZE -

1 - in playlists mode -

a - I emptied out a folder’s contents

b - but I still have the folder showing

How do I delete that folder?

2 - in music mode, for example -

a - it doesn’t show

b - neither the folder OR its contents

3 - On my computer -

a - in windows media

b - in playlist mode

If I drag only the folders I want to be synched

c - and either delete those folders

d - or don’t include them for synching

The folders still show in my FUZE in playlist mode

Can anyone help me figure out how to delete the folder itself (not just its contents) in playlist mode?

Thank you


I’m not sure if this is related to your problems, but here’s something I noticed.

The player doesn’t recognize actual file “folders” (the ones you see in explorer).  It builds its database based on the ID3 tags in the music files.

In other words, if you have an actual folder in the file folder list in windows explorer called “Type-O-Negative” and you put a MP3 that has “Elton John” as the artist in the MP3’s ID3 tag, it will show up as “Elton John” on the player when it rebuilds the music database and “Type-O-Negative” will not show up at all.