Fuze Artist Library List is out of Order


I own a Sansa Fuze 8-gig with the latest firmware and a bunch of music. However, I am having a problem with my artist list. It goes in alphabetical order for a while until sometime toward the end, when there is an upright rectangle character and the list sort of starts over again. Thus, some artists are on ther list twice. This wouldn’t be a big deal except thatthe songs of the duplicated artists are split between the two artist folders on the Fuze, so I can’t access full albums via the artist menu. Any ideas?


the rectangle means that there are some characters in the ID3 tag that are not supported. you will need to check your ID3 tags and remove any unsupported characters.  

yes, that makes sense, but I checked the file info for the suspect file (the box artist leads to an album and song of the same name) and the filename is yet another box, it is evidentally 2 minutes 50 seconds, and (this is the weird part) 4095.83 MB @ 96 kbps. Obviously, this is impossible and quite concerning, especially if it actually takes up that much space. And even if it were the ID3 tags, that wouldn’t cause the list to start over again, would it? I’d think it’d just go to the top or bottom and that would be the end of it.

Okay, so I figured it out. It wasn’t anything to do with the ID3 tags, I just needed to reformat the whole thing and load my music again. A total pain, but it worked in the end.

If it happens again, try deleting MTABLE.SYS, which is the database listing. It might then rebuild the database correctly without having to reload.