Fuze and micro sd

Hello all,

I’ve got a sansa fuze since 1 year and few days ago i decided to use a micro sd card to upgrade capacity.

My USB mode is MSC because my OS is ubuntu 8.04 and because it’s easier to use …

When I plug my Fuze, i see 2 HDD : my fuze and my card, that’s ok

I put some songs on Fuze and on the card, unplugged the mp3 player (the update of database is ok)

But when i look the list of songs on the fuze, there are only songs that i put on the fuze but none of the songs i put on the card.

I thought my card was not recognized but when i check into

Music > Folders

I see : Internal Memory and External uSD card, External uSD card is empty even i put something in

Is there something to do ?

Folder to create on uSD card ?

Special Format for uSD card ?

Please, could you help ?

Excuse for my english …

My first thought when reading your problem discription is that the uSD card might not be formatted in a way that the Fuze can recognize it.

The only filesystem allowed is FAT (FAT16/FAT32 depending on the size of your uSD card).

I believe a clustersize of 32kb should work. 

Can you confirm your uSD card is formatted this way?

Yes, it’s done

It’s a 2Gb card, i’ve formatted it in FAT32

But nothing appears in the Folder

MUSIC>FOLDERS>EXTERNAL uSD CARD (after formatting and put another song on the card, of course)

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We need to figure out if it’s the card or the slot that’s the problem. 

Do you have something else that uses microSD? A phone, a camera, a card reader? Try putting a song on that way and see if the Fuze reads it. Make sure the mp3 file has ID3 tags in ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1. Some Linux taggers don’t use that format–although the tags shouldn’t matter in folder view.

My Phone have a micro SD slot and it was the first use i make for the micro SD card.

I put some song on the card, there were readable by the phone but invisible on the Fuze (without formatting between phone and fuze)

Then i formatted the card in FAT32 with the Linux Formatting Software (Gparted), and put a song which were in the internal memory of the fuze (i.e the ID3 Tag was readable), but nothing happens : when i move the song from the internal memory to the external card, the song disappears from the list of song available on my fuze.

At work, i’m on windows, so i formatted in FAT32 with the Windows Formatting Software (right-click>Format…) and do the same operation (Put a song from the internal memory on the card), but there were no more results.

Are you sure the card is plugged in all the way? The top edge of the card has to be pushed in sometimes slightly past the opening in the case using your fingernail. If you listen carefully, you’ll hear a faint click when the mechanism grabs the card. Release pressure slightly, and you’ll hear a 2nd click when it’s locked in position. To release the card, do the same thing; push in unitl it clicks, then ease up the pressure and the spring will eject the card. Don’t take your finger off of it though, as it will launch the little bugger across the room!

Not saying this is definitely your problem, but it could be. Happened just a few days ago here with someone else.

I see 2 HDD when i plugged my fuze to my PC, that’s the sign the card is plugged all the way, isn’t it ?

If it wasn’t, the card should be disconnected/reconnected sometimes, no ?

Anyway, i pay attention to your method and i hear 2 clicks when i plug/unplug the card but it does nothing …

You see two HDD drives whether or not the card is connected.

What happens when you connect, open Windows Explorer,  right-click on the card slot and look at Properties? Does it show available memory on the card? 

The two HDD show up whether or not the card is plugged in.

In Windows Explorer, when you right-click on the card and choose Properties, what do you see? 

When i check the properties of the card i see

Infos are in french, the translation will be aproximative :

Type : removable disk

Filesystem : FAT32

used space : 5.96 Mo (there is only 1 MP3 on the card)

free space  : 1.85 Go (that info make me think, it’s the card and not the 2nd disk for the fuze)

After that, there is a round which shematize the used/free space.

There are also 5 tabs :

  • General (i’m on this one)

  • Auto exec

  • Tools

  • Material (i’m not sure of the translation)

  • Share

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When you click on the card to Explore it, do you see the mp3 on it?

If you do, right-click on it and look for Properties/Summary/Advanced. It should have information like Artist, Album, Title, etc. Without those the Sansa will display the song as Unknown. 

@tomjensen wrote:

You need to have a second uSD card to troubleshoot. 2GB uSD’s are cheap and commonly available, and you should be able to borrow one from somebody.


You don’t have to format or do anything to the new card (all uSD are formatted to FAT or FAT32 to be usable). Just plug it in–the uSD should be flush with the Fuze, i.e. nothing sticking out–and go into Folder view. If the card has folders, it will be shown in that view. Files would need to have a recognized extension (mp3, flac, etc)  to show up.


If a uSD works w/ your PC but not for the Fuze, sounds like the problem is w/ the Fuze. But you can only be sure with a second uSD.

Congratulations !!!

You’re right : my card is bad !

I tried with another one and it works …

I think it’s weird that i see the card as an Hard Disk when the fuze is plugged on my PC but is not seen by the fuze.

Whatever, i’d like to thank all of you for your help.