Memeory Card help..

I just got a 2GB Fuze…So i had a MicroSD 2gb memory card…I put it in the card slot but all it says is 964MB…What happen to the 2gb on the memory card…I didnt put anything on it…What do i need to do…Please help…Thanks

You have to format the card so the Sansa can read it properly.

Be sure to format it FAT32!

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So how do i format the memory card…

@_mike wrote:
So how do i format the memory card…

Set your Fuze on USB MSC mode (in the settings -> USB options of your Fuze).  Plug it in your computer (with the microSDHC card in your Fuze of course).  The Fuze and the external memory card will both be listed as removable memory.

Right click on the external card, select Format.  Format it as FAT32, and that should be it.