Formating issue

When i formated my 2 GB  Fuze revision 1 i wnt to check the info part and says i got 1929 MB of memory which i know the rest is saved for system use. But where it says free memory it  says i only got 1733 MB  :neutral_face: even though i got no music, videos, picture Etc.I already formated in every mode Auto Detect, MTP, MSC even inside in the PC. And yes i have updated to the latest firmware and downgraded to previeus ones and back to to the latest one which is 01.02.26   and now it just says it got 1765  :neutral_face: which is bit more but why aint it 1929 out of 1929 when i bought the fuze a year or so ago i really need help on this because i used to have enough memory for all my media but now i dont i REALLY dont want to buy a memory card dont have the cash right now  :cry: because i just bought a new xbox 360  :smiley: remember im just 15.

The price is no longer a real obstacle, as there are 2GB µSD cards readily available for under $10.  A quick search shows the price even lower, as the larger capacity cards grow in popularity.  Literally, for the price of a fast food lunch “combo”, you can double the capacity of your Sansa.

The difference in capacity will vary a little bit, depending upon the media and the system requirements.

With the Fuze, you can transfer music, photos, video, and more to the expansion card, and you can navigate to everything using the Fuze’s interface.