Formatting SD cards

Whats a good program that I can use for formatting my SD card so that it is optimal for the Fuze?  I’ve heard that it doesn’t work as well with cards formatted with the normal windows format tool.  Also what settings should I use?

OK, after formatting the SD card something screwed up and it is now giving me a drive size of zero does anyone know how to fix this?

Format as FAT up to 2GB

Format as FAT32 above 2GB

ok I finally found something that worked, I tried doing it with the Diskmanager tool, and it didn’t work, I thought I bricked my card for a minute (not that big of a deal, but still annoying)

You can also do it via the DOS/command prompt. No special software needed. Do a search. The syntax has been posted here a few different times. :smiley:

For external 4GB uSDHC or higher  use the format command as

format e: /FS:FAT32  /A:32K

 Assumes the cards drive letter is e:  change it to whatever drive letter is assigned to the card.

IF card is 2 GB or less use

format e: /FS:FAT  /A:32K