External Micro SD Filesystem - WSOD

How come popping a FAT-16 formatted 2GB Sandisk microSD into a Sandisk Sansa Fuze 8GB will white screen the mp3 player everytime?

Try FAT32.

Now that’s interesting.

A 2GB microSD card is normally formatted FAT or FAT16, as we’re dealing with a 2GB ceiling.

Have you tried formatting the card, starting with a clean slate from a card reader?  The Fuze should work fine as a card reader with data on the USB bus too, as it’s in a passive mode when plugged in.

Here’s the most basic methodof formatting the SD card.  Next, here’s the 155mm Howitzer, the SD Formatter utility.  It’s quite handy to be sure that the card is set up properly.  I wouldn’t think you’d have a problem with a genuine SanDisk card, especially a 2GB, and counterfeit devices would most likely be in the form of larger capacity SD HC cards, I would think.

There’s another possibility.  Boot the device without a card inserted, and then mount the card after it is ready.  Let me know if the device “whitescreens” after the card is swapped in, with the Sansa live.

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@black_rectangle wrote:

Try FAT32.

Personally, I agree with BR. FAT32 is more efficient, allowing files to take up less space than FAT16, although the difference isn’t that much. I pretty much only use FAT16 if I absolutely must. But, that’s just me.