Happy Fuze owner with a 16 gb sdhc card

My PC is XP SP3 and use Windows Media Player 11 to sync my Fuze. The Fuzeis 4G and is firmware version 02.02.26A. I recently purchased a Polaroid brand (didn’t have sandisk brand) 16gb micro SDHC for it. When I put the card in my Fuze didn’t recognize it until I upgraded the firmware to the version listed above. The Fuze will only format the card to a 2gb capacity. I went ahead and did it anyway hoping it would show 16gb instead of 2gb…stupid I know. Anyway, afterwards I attempted to re-format the card on my computer using one of those flash drive style readers. When the format dialog came up my only options were “FAT” instead of “FAT32” and a disk size of 30mb. I cancelled it and now the computer will not recognize the card unless I unplug and replug the drive…doesn’t matter whether or not I removed and re-inserted the card.

How do I get the card set up to work with my Fuze?

Do I need to get a “proper” card reader in order to format SDHC cards?

This link should help answer your questions.

i suggest you try first the card on a computer using an SDHC compatible reader.  see if the proper capacity shows up… if it didn’t, use HP USB FORMAT TOOL to repartition the whole removable drive as one then try it again on the fuze.

Tell us if this worked.

Did the computer ever show the card capacity as 16GB?

I hate to say this, but there are a lot of counterfeit cards out there labeled with shall we say incorrect capacity. 

Marcqk: I didn’t have an SDHC combatible reader so I went and got one. The capacity still didn’t register. I used the HP Format tool you mentioned. The HP tool showed the drive to be only 31mb and it wasn’t able to format the card. Right clicking and selecting properties on the drive in Disk Management shows it to be RAW format with 31mb capacity and it shows it to have an MBR partition.

Whatchamacalit: The card was purchased new (sealed) from Fry’s Electronics and is Polaroid brand by PNY, so I doubt the card is mislabeled. I put the card in the Fuze first before trying to read the capacity on my computer. When the card showed up in my Fuze it registered as only 2gb. Then I did the dumbell thing…let it format the card anyway.

I also tried Active KillDisk which could only write one-pass zeros to it, no formatting it. After doing this I also re-tried the HP format tool and Disk management.

There’s one more thing I’m going to try…reformatting it in Linux. I’ll let you know guys know what happened. 

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Well… tried re-formatting it in Linux. So far no luck because I have to login as “root”. Running it “live” from the CD doesn’t allow logging in as root so I’ll need to install it. …and since I’m going to that much trouble I might as well get the latest version.

I’m hoping to resolve this soon so I don’t have to return the card. 

most of the time, if killdisk then HP format tool fails, there’s no more you can do… better save time and return it now.