More external memory questions

Okay, I just inserted the 8GB card into my Fuze and put some music MP3 files in it.  I have a few more questions.

  1. I pasted the music files into the External uSD/MSC folder (which I suppose is the same as the “Music” file in the Internal Memory folder).  Is that where I should have pasted them?

  2. In the Fuze itself, everything looks fine…except all songs pasted into the external memory have a strange icon to the right of them on the Fuze display.  Is there any way to remove the icon, which I find annoying?

  3. Not sure this is really a question, but when I first inserted the card and pasted some MP3 files into the external uSD/MSC folder, two very weird things happened.  The Fuze froze for the first time ever, and I had to hold the slider in the off position for about 30 seconds to unfreeze it.  Then I noticed that just about everything in my internal memory had disappeared.  I reformatted the internal memory and started from scratch, pasting all my files into it again.  Not a tragedy, but very time consuming, since I had almost filled the 8GB.  Any idea why these things happened, so I can avoid it in the future? 


Wow, you copy/paste gigabytes of stuff?! Can the clipboard even handle that? Welp I guess it did! Weird way to copy files though… Then again, I use xcopy from a console to copy, which I suppose is pretty weird by normal people… Anyway…

  1. The uSD’s layout is kinda strange. If you’re in MSC mode, then put the songs into \MUSIC. If you’re in MTP mode, then \MUSIC appears as root, so just put songs in root. Either way, the files you put on will always be visible, even if you put them in the other mode. This is different from how the internal flash is treated, and is a surefire way to confuse the heck outa peeps.

  2. Icon signifies that the song is in uSD. Normal.

  3. Weird stuff happening… why ask why… just light a candle to Murphy that it’s still working…

1.) Yep.

2.) That icon lets you know those files reside on the memory card. No, there’s no way to remove it.

3.) Did you insert the card while the player was on? Although it appeared as though all the music disappeared, this really isn’t possible, just given what you had done. More likely was that something went awry with the database refresh and the ‘listings’ of the songs didn’t display. Probably another reset, turning the unit off & on again, or plugging the device into the computer and then unplugging would trigger another refresh and everything would be back to normal.

Thanks for the replies.  I can’t remember if I inserted the card when the player was on or not.  Sounds like I should avoid that in the future, though.  Also sounds like I should have tried turning the unit on and off a few times before giving up and reformatting the darn thing.  Oh well.

Since I want to put certain genres in internal memory and other genres in external memory (so it’s easier for me to see what albums I’ve loaded into the device when I look through Windows Explorer), I’ve been using copy/paste.  It doesn’t take that much time, but is there a faster way to put files into the Fuze?  

Thanks again.

The wee SD card icon is visible only when in the Songs level of navigation, allowing you to keep track of which tracks are stored on the removable card.  You’ll find that it comes in quite handy, especially if you have removed the card, and cannot locate a desired track.  The little reminder is nice.

If navigating by album, or any other mode, all albums are listed together as a whole, regardless of whether in internal memory or on the card.

For group transfers, in WIndows explorer, you can drag a box around the desired group, or when in list mode, if you hold the [shift] key depressed, Windows will select the entire group between two successive clicks of the mouse.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: