Fuse silicone or clear plastic or waterproof case availability (Quebec city, Canada)


I just bought a Sensa Fuse and now I am looking for a case to protect it. I will be doing intensive sports with it and thus I need something quite sturdy (but that doesn’t take too much place) that will prevent straches and if possible, waterproof. I have looked into future shop.ca (where I purchased my Fuse) but they don’t have such cases. Do you know where I could purchase one (without having to pay shipping cost) ?


ps. Which company make cases for Sensa Fuse (8gig) ?

Bonjour extrem!

Il n’ya pas une dans un magasin seulement via the Internet.  Well, so much for practicing my french…it has been too long.  Only place I have found is on eBay.  Silicon covers, though more protective than water resistant.  Meaning that there are still open spots for the scroll wheel, headphone jack, etc.

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To quote Weird Al, ♪I bought it on eBay♫. 

No case will protect against water since you have to have the open holes in order to access the controls.  There might be some other brands/models of mp3 players that are designed to be water resistant, though.  Sony used to make a sports walkman cassette player that was more water resistant than the standard model.  Perhaps some of their digital mp3 players come in a sports model.  It might be worth checking into if you expect the player will be getting wet.

The silicone cases will probably do an adequate job of protecting against drops, but won’t protect the screen against scratches or against more serious screen damage.  The hard plastic cases will do a better job protecting your player, in my opinion.