Fuse renames folders on uSD card. why?

When dragging and droping more music to the Sansa Fuse uSD card in Win Explorer, I noticed some folders on the card were renamed with serial like numbers in front, like 2E050000_Artist.  Why is that?  The songs still play, so that’s all that matters, but why some folders and not others?  Also there’s an MP3.ofn file on the card that I didn’t put there.  Is that some kind of database file?

Just curious…  everything appears to be working fine. 

This has been brought up before and there was a solution. I dont Remember what it is or why it does that, but search the message board and you will find it.

I believe that if you change the USB mode to MSC on your player, you won’t experience this. While you can drag & drop in MTP mode with the Fuze, this type of transfer works cleanest and best in MSC. And NO Auto-Defect either. :wink:

Try this and let us know what happens. You may want to format the player first to clean it out.

Its renamed to speed up MTP database searches.