MiniSDHC Folder Name Problem

I have the 4GB Fuze.  Filled it up quickly, and then bought a SanDisk 4GB MiniSCHD card.  I have Windows XP and have been dragging and dropping to both the Fuze internal memory and the card.  Simply plugging the player into the USB and opening the Fuze to view the files.

For organizational purposes I like to make folders for each artist and a subfolder for the album, and then drag over the songs I want on the Fuze.  This has worked fine for the internal memory, but the CARD is acting goofy.  Sometimes it keeps all the new folders with my naming intact.  Sometimes after I disconnect and then reconnect - 1 or more of the folders will have reverted to a generic “New Folder (2)” type name with the song files intact; and in some cases it has even moved the song files into a completely different generically named folder along with songs from other various artists - all combined together in one of the folders.

The player itself reads and displays the artist and song organization just as the tags would have it and it appears fine from a “user interface” perspective.  The problem is I can’t organize things on the external card so that I can quickly see what I have on it when dragging and dropping.

Do I need to format the card?  If so, how do I do that?

Thanks in advance for any input.

Connect the Fuze with the card to the PC. 

You can select the card from the PC and right click to format it.

It should work in either MTP or MSC modes.

Based on what you described. i suggest trying MSC mode to set up your card.  Then you can unplug the player from USB.

The Player will rebuild the database and the Card content will be accessible even in MTP mode. 

Thanks, and how do you know what mode you’re in, or change modes to MSC?

Under Settings Menu>System Settings>  USB Mode  You can select the mode you want the player to use.

Thanks sansafix.  It’s working as wanted now.